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11 February 2007 @ 10:10 am
Coming home after a long journey....  
Well, I'd like to start off by saying I'm home! well... sort of. Ok, so I'm still in P-ville, and things are pretty much the same as they were on the outside. I've just felt mentally and emotionally removed for so long, secluded in a little watery shell like a clam. I've had such a horrible blockage of direction, indentity, and flow of Self. The months of Nov. - Jan. were rough. Everything was going shitty at Penney's. I was getting so tired of driving 35 mins. each way to get treated like crap by customers, supervisors, and the system in general. I was tired of demands not being met, and spending more money on gas than I was making. I was tired of feeling like my life was going nowhere and my spirit was being crushed like broken eggshells beneath the feet of an elephant. I needed to be creative and to have some type of creative outlet. I laughed at the Snagajob.com commercials where ya see all these people doing something totally wrong for their personalities and such because that's *exactly* how I felt. No longer is my mind consumed with the latest sales or fall and winter catalog ideas. I guess it boils down to this simple equation.

[(Retail + underpayed)^suck] + [loooooonnnnggg gas guzzling drives(no free time^broken friendships)] = not for Tiff

It also didn't help that my JCP sanity builder was away in a forigen land! you silly wanker! I missed you damnit!
Once I realized that, it was off on a journey to rediscover Tiff. I felt like it was trying to discover the lost ruins of Atlantis... But recently it's been coming back to me. The art within me is begining to flow! Huzzah! no.. literally... art... it's cool! I'm not just being philosophical and metaphorical like I usually am. My parents got me this kick ass easle and paint set, and it took me about a month to really start into it, but I'm loving it now! I've been in a super artsy mood lately.... it makes me miss coffeehouse nights. :.( Speaking of Coffeehouses... RYAN! CHECK YOUR EMAIL!!! RAWR!!! I'm thinking about going into the Culinary Arts program up here at Rend Lake. I really want to do the whole Internet Cafe thing... That's a definate goal of mine. perhaps one day it could blossom into a Winery/Resturant... but yeah. I'll post more about this as things progress and develop.

WoW news? well... I *did* get the expansion.. but ya know, I do realize that there is more out there than just the whole MMORPG scene. However, my love of a fantasy world and geekdom will forever stay with me and continue to leave a mark, just as it has with *all* geeks out there. I will *never* lose that sense of imagination, but that will be the pinacle of inspiration for lifetimes. I will always belive in Dragons, Wizard towers, Epic Battles, Magic, and lvl 60 wtfpwnurface pallys in Stormwind. A priest will be more than a guy in a Catholic Church. I will take it with me rather than have it completely suck me in. Well, I do want to head down to C'dale today in preparation of Valentine's Day, so I may try to contact some of you back home. but until then, I miss ya all, and we're all gonna get together asap!

-Tiff : D
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chemistryiscoolchemistryiscool on February 15th, 2007 03:33 pm (UTC)
Good to hear from you. Mayhaps we will have to hang out some time! Cheers!