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01 May 2006 @ 11:29 am
UGH.... I can't stand getting treated like I'm once again 16 years old going over that whole "you follow MY rules under MY roof." bit again. I also can't believe that I'm getting bitched at for not having my room cleaned. she doesn't even keep the fucking rest of the house clean, and her room is trashed most of the time as well. the hypocracy is crazy. also saying that I need to get up a "do something around this house" is utter bullshit. I *DO* things around the house... I also work and have my *OWN* schedual.. because I'm my *OWN* person... I hate friggin dealing with this every gawd damn day I wake up. I hate waking up to that anxious hey I wanna kick her ass or hey I wanna run away and get the fuck outta here never ever to return feeling. it's so silly and so stupid, but I just wanna feel and be treated like I'm a RESPECTED adult. not trash to be walked all over and put down. I also hate having to live on her schedual. if I don't wanna wake up until a half hr before I leave for class or something, I shouldn't have to. if I want to stay up or be out until 4am, I should be able to. I have that freedom. I am an adult. ya know, I'm working and saving money to move out... which also means no college for a bit. I've already decided that. I've come to this conclusion more than once before. there's a real chance of it happening, unless for some reason I get my job at Penny's replaced by some illegal cheap mexican whore like what happened at Sergio's. somehow I just don't see that going down. but yeah... moving out... it's gonna happen. hell, I might be with britt g. until jeremiah and I can get something together. blah... anyways. I hate this. I hate feeling this pissed off. I spent over an hr. cooling down over this with jeremiah last night. I didn't really wanna wake up to it this morning. I did my own damn laundry with my own detergent last night.... guess what happened? she fucking mixed up all of my shit in the load that I did, washed and dryed, with her shit... so guess who gets to sort laundry this morning... a VERY pissed off Tiffany. ugh... alright. that's enough. I'm done.

/3 White, non-single female, 20, LFM Roommates. pst asap.
Current Mood: infuriatedinfuriated
slowdowngandhi on May 1st, 2006 06:21 pm (UTC)
Some of the waitresses at Sergio's are kinda cute.

Of course they racially profile at Mexican and Asian restaurants though. It sucks, but it's what they do. :\